October Dinner Party Menu

Happy October my loves! WOW time is zipping by fast. It’s officially my FAVORITE SEASON EVER. So, to honor that, I’m of course launching a dinner party menu and guide with all the seasonal elements that make October great. First up on this menu, we have an absolutely outstanding pumpkin risotto with stracciatella, crispy sage and crispy shiitakes. Served with that is a maple dijon pork tenderloin (extremely underrated protein if you ask me but can be swapped for chicken thighs!) And finally, for dessert, let’s inhale an apple cider bread pudding with creme anglaise and caramel. Don’t worry, creme anglaise (AKA vanilla custard sauce) has a wonderfully easy shortcut! All you do is melt vanilla ice cream (because ice cream has a custard base after all) and that’s it!

I hope you enjoy this recipe booklet and timing guide that I put together! Of course, you can make every recipe individually, or you can take the plunge and throw a delicious dinner party with this entire menu. In my video tutorial, I teach you how to time everything out to ensure the timing of each recipe is perfect so you can enjoy as much time out of the kitchen as possible. A huge thing I’ve learned while working in restaurants is that make ahead components and prepping ahead of time make for a very smooth experience when serving guests. 🙂

Get an entire downloadable PDF booklet with 3 seasonal recipes and timing guide to throw an easy, stress-free October Dinner Party BELOW!

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