Chicken Schnitzel with Sweet Pepper, Garlic, Herb Lime Butter

When we were in Copenhagen, I experienced the most delicious schnitzel of my life. It was a classic pork schnitzel pounded thin and fried until crispy, and on top was a beautiful serving of butter with capers, shallots and garlic. The simplicity of it all was just outstanding and I learned that schnitzel (and it’s chicken counterpart) doesn’t need much. I knew I wanted to make my own schnitzel dish with a unique spin, but my own twist on it didn’t come to me until I was at the Mediterranean Bar at Whole Foods. If you don’t know what that is – the Mediterranean bar is where they keep all the olives and pickly things so you can serve yourself.

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Anyway, at this Mediterranean bar, I found Peruvian sweety drop peppers (which are the size of caperberries with the flavor of a sweet pepper.) I also am familiar with Peppadew peppers, which are sweet pickled peppers. So, I thought, this is it. I must make a butter with these, garlic, herbs and lime. Then this recipe was born! But don’t worry, if you can’t find Peruvian sweety drop peppers, jarred pimentos, Peppadew peppers or just fresh sweet red peppers also work great here. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

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Adjust Servings
2 chicken breasts, pounded 1/2 inch thick
1/2cup all purpose flour
2 eggs
1tbsp water
1cup panko breadcrumbs
2tsp smoked paprika
2tsp garlic powder
2tsp onion powder
1tsp kosher salt
Avocado oil for frying (can sub vegetable or grapeseed oil)
Cilantro leaves, for topping
6tbsp unsalted butter
4cloves garlic, minced
Juice of 1/2 lime
1/2cup Peruvian sweety drop peppers can sub peppadew peppers, pimentos or just diced sweet red pepper
2tbsp finely chopped peppadew peppers
1small shallot, thinly sliced
2tbsp finely chopped parsley
salt and pepper to taste



Slice the chicken breasts 3/4 of the way horizontally so that it opens like a book. Cover the chicken breasts with parchment paper or plastic wrap, then pound until 1/4 inch thick and even in thickness.
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In a large flat bowl mix the bread crumbs with garlic powder, paprika, onion powder and salt. Place the flour on the left. The bowl with egg wash in the middle. And the bowl w breadcrumbs on the right. Dip the chicken in the flour, then the egg, then the panko. Set onto a plate and repeat with the other breast. Place the plate in the fridge and let the coating set as you work on the butter.
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Heat a small sauce pan on medium low heat. Add the butter, garlic, shallot, peppers and lime juice. Season with salt. Let the butter infuse (uncovered) as you work on the chicken.
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Heat a large stainless steal rondeau on high heat and season with avocado oil. Once the oil is 350 degrees F, add the chicken and fry until golden brown and 165 degrees internally. Serve immediately and drizzle garlic pepper butter on top. Top with cilantro leaves.
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  • mmadigan23

    Amazing! Made this the other night super easy and great flavor!

  • B

    My boyfriend is obsessed with this. I am now making it for a third time!! We serve with mashed potatoes and veggies 🙂 yum!

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